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Season 2015


Musical Director...

The musical director is Mr. Ryan Boyce...

Having recently attained membership in the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA), Ryan is the Director of Music of The Cavite Chorale of The University of The West Indies at Cave Hill.  Being the founder of Caribbean Musician - an organisation which acts to book live musicians, he holds the position of Organist and Music Master of The Parish Church of Saint Thomas. 


Additionally, he has been a Music Festival Judge in the National Calypso Competitions in Barbados as recent as 2014 and has been a Judge in the Decipline of Music for the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA). This year (2015), Ryan was Tutor of Music for Community Voices Program as well as the Youth Achieving Results  Program under the guidance of the National Cultural Foundation.

With more than 30 compositions and arrangements to his credit, some having been performed by The National Choir of St. Vincent, The Festival Choir in Montserrat, the Ecole Municipale de Musique de LOUVIERS (France), Ryan continues to be commissioned to write for various groups across different territories, as well as to be musical director for various theatre projects.

Melanie Kristin Price Foundation


The Foundation seeks to grow its cadre of awardees, creating an educated group who will then be able to help the Foundation fulfil its stated aim of advancing education in Barbados through various means such as tutoring, mentoring and providing financial aid. As such, the Foundation will award an additional scholarship in the year 2015 to a student attending the University of the West Indies Cave Hill campus in order to cover the self-funded portion of their tuition. 


Awarding two new scholarships along with providing the original awardee with the second tranche of the scholarship to cover her second year of study will cost a total of $21,000 in 2015. We are seeking your sponsorship of this award so that we can grow the Melanie Kristin Price Foundation into a substantial force for driving education in Barbados as testament to the memory of our friend and daughter, Melanie Price.


Throughout her illness, Melanie displayed a dignity and grace that left a lasting impact on her doctors and nurses. They all spoke of her tremendous courage and her faith and of course the calm, patient voice and sweet smile. Yes, that is the legacy I will always have with me that smile. The smile that said everything is alright. The smile that blossomed as she spoke of her passions- God, the law, family and dear friends; the smile that wrapped itself around your heart and said ‘I am fine’. The smile that said I love you just as you are even though I wish you to make more of yourself. The smile that said Melanie Kristin was here and lived. 

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