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The 100 Voice Project...

Was conceptualised and delivered in August 2010, and has surpassed the muted expectations of the wide cross section of audiences. In this project, there is the fierce approach to the music and its delivery, and the subtle nuances of sophisticated musicianship.

Now in its 14th Season, the 100 Voice Project continues to create and demonstrate the concept that persons of different backgrounds and cultures can sing in the universal language of music, and do so in phenomenal harmony. This is strongly highlighted in our summer season with the presence of singers and instrumentalists from, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, St. Lucia, Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela, Turks & Caicos and the United States of America, to name a few. These persons joined with Barbadian musicians last summer, along with those from Belgium, Guyana, Canada and Cuba & Yukon Peninsula.

In essence, this music festival caters to the many singers and choral groups around and continues to enhance the standards of choral and instrumental music in the region. Furthermore the musicians will all come together again for the August 2024 Concert Season. 





Based on the responses so far and feedback from various quarters, this year's project is no less exciting. We continue to expand our following as well as our musician base, to deliver on our overall goal of delivering exceptional quality in music of various genres. We wish to thank last season's participants as well as our growing Barbados and Caribbean contingent.

Why Barbados? 

This country is an easy hub for persons living on either side of the  Atlantic Ocean, who are interested in joining in this vocal thread. In addition, this leads to the development of our musical composers and arrangers within the region moving beyond the Calypso and Reggae and even Jazz genres.

Participants normally bring along a trinket, which is exchanged with other persons who they will meet for the first time, as well as to rekindle friendships of last season for those returning musicians.

This music festival remains unique since the Caribbean and its colour and creativity and its ocean, adds to the blend of the voices. The music makes your inspiration during the occasion, extraordinary.

The 100 Voice Project seeks to again thank the participants from the various countries as well as the generous support of its partners, in the delivery of a product of exceptional quality. The 2024 Season is no less exciting to the former seasons.


The venue for the formal concerts is: The James Street Methodist Church Bridgetown, - St. Michael

Sean Sutherland - Canada

Season 2024

August 17th - 18th

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