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On Thursday 22nd August:


This is country night - and will feature select performances by: Judy Bailey who just completed a South American Tour with the Pontiff;  Addison Stoddard (Turks & Caicos) & Sean Sutherland (Canada); and Trinelle Corbin (Barbados)...


Judy who lives in Germany continued to delight audiences across several continents and which has helped to propagated her music. Even though this singer/song writer lives in Germany - she has very strong roots in Barbados and has recently arranged the piece "Caribbean Liturgical Celebration". Judy's warm heart and rich spirit has joined this year with the 100 Voice Project, to give back to the charities in her performance on Thursday 22nd August at the Barbados Museum...She will be on stage doing an eclectic mix of pop, ballad, jazz and euro-centric influenced pieces.


Addison Stoddard, will be teaming up with Sean Sutherland out of Canada, and they have just recently completed a tour to their Native St. Vincent. This 80's show which they produced was performed to sold out audiences, and they have already been engaged to reproduce this in North America. This duo will bring their audience to their feet in a "throw back" session with spicy backing vocalists and rhythmic instrumentation. They know how to get the audience moving.



 Trinelle, was a finalist in the 2013 party monarch Crop Over season. This Bajan lass, is the host for her own jazz spot for the past few years. And continues to provide vocal entertainment to both public and private audiences. This young lady's vocal nuances - had moved persons through emotion like none other. Trinelle, backed by her jazz combo - will bring back memories as well as jump into the modern uptempo groove.



Judy, Addie, Sean & Trinelle - are all participants in this year's 100 Voice Project...with our gracious hosts the St. Thomas Parish Church and can be seen on Thursday 22nd August at 8:00pm at the Barbados Museum. Tickets are available from The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation 438 4177 or the Kiwanis - Pride of Barbados 432 5568 or the St. Thomas Parish Church...

Thursday 22nd August

Barbados Museum

The Garrison, St. Michael



One Orchestra - One Choir

Saturday 24th August - $60

Sunday 25th August - $40


St. Thomas Parish Church


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